Health and Safety.

We are fully committed to a process of health and safety excellence. Robust system and controls enable us to proactively manage our health and safety activity with the aim of achieving zero accidents.

Enviroment Care.

Our company operate an enviromental management system which enables us to achieve and demostrate our enviromental perfomance by minimizing negative impact of our operations.

Maximum Quality and Efficiency

We continue to actively develop mutually beneficial relationships with all those with whom we do business. We regularly review our business proccess with a view to improving quality and productivity, by enhancing our ability to create value, whilst at the same time working to achieve the aspirations of sustainable development. 

In support of this , all areas of the business are encouraged to innovate and share knowledge in the pursuit of continual drive for excellence.


Our Services

  • Residential and Commercial Electricity Services.
  • Electrical Power Distrubutions.
  • Electrical Network Maintenance.
  • Electrical Reticulation and Metering.
  • Electrical Substations including Transformers.


Previous Projects - Our Experience

Connections of Stanby Generators.

Our inhouse electrician have managed to install standby generators for various companies.


Repairs and Re-electrifications of schools.

We are presently subcontracted to re-electrify Delta High School and our experience electricians are busy with the project.